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Bruce Bethke

Short story, where the word 'cyberpunk' appears first time ever.

William Gibson

A short story.

Burning Chrome
Collection of short stories.
In Bulgarian

Count Zero
Sprawl Two.
In Bulgarian In Russian

Johnny Mnemonic
A short story from book "Burning Chrome".
In Bulgarian

Mona Lisa Overdrive
Sprawl Three.
In Bulgarian

Sprawl One. The bible of cyberpunk.
In Bulgarian In Russian

Richard Kadrey


Tom Maddox


Douglas Rushkoff

Life in the Trenches of Hyperspace.
PDF Version

Neal Stephenson

In the Beginning Was the Command Line
Past and future of personal computer operating systems.

Pat Cadigan

Little Latin Larry

Bruce Sterling

The Hacker Crackdown
Law and Disorder on the Electronic Frontier.

The Famous Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling is a book about cops, and wild teenage whiz-kids, and lawyers, and hairy-eyed anarchists, and industrial technicians, and hippies, and high-tech millionaires, and game hobbyists, and computer security experts, and Secret Service agents, and grifters, and thieves. This book is about the electronic frontier of the 1990s. It concerns activities that take place inside computers and over telephone lines.



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